Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The new ALN reform was introduced in September 2021. The ALN (Additional Learning Needs) act states that a person has additional learning needs if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for additional learning provision.

 What are the main changes?

  • There is no register for pupils who have ALN
  • There will no longer be a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN), rather a child has Additional Learning Needs (ALN) who requires Additional Learning Provision (ALP) will have an Individual Development Plan (IDP).
  • The phrase SEN will be replaced by ALN. 
  • An IDP is a single statutory plan for ages 0-25, that is bespoke to the needs of the individual and is needed for an extended period of time and intensity.
  • It is a multi-agency plan, that is child centred (PCP) and has parental input. 
  • Where reasonable provision should be offered in Welsh.

What is Additional Learning Provision?

  • An Additional Learning Provision (ALP) is any learning provision that is provided over and above the Universal Learning Provision (ULP) and standard targeted interventions available within the school setting.
  • An ALP is a provision that is not available to all pupils and is a long-term provision over an extended period.
  • The definition of ALN also covers learners whose learning difficulty or disability arises from a medical condition but if a child has a pre-existing medical condition this does not automatically mean they will have ALN.
  • A child or young person would not have ALN if their lack of progress or difficulties can be addressed through regular differentiated teaching and the school’s ULP.

The school operates literacy programs in Welsh (Tric a Chlic and SpellBlast) and English (IDL) to raise the standard of spelling and reading skills. We work together with a group of local schools in the Preseli and Caer Elen Cluster to ensure that Teacher Assessment is correct and moderated correctly across Areaos of Learning (AOLE): Literacy, Language and Communication, Mathematics and Numeracy, Science and Technology, Humanities inc.RVE, Expressive Arts and Health & Wellbeing.

We provide Language and  Mathematics intervention sessions to target groups of pupils or individuals to boost their skills and confidence in the subject.  The school has a members of staff who is are trained ELSAs (Emotional Learning Support Assistant).  These members of staff support pupils who require support to develop emotional or social skills. In addition to these key areas of support we also offer a wide range of other support, intervention and learning strategies which are listed in the school’s Universal Learning Provision (ULP). Along with these support & learning groups, the learning support assistants within the classrooms support pupils on a daily basis with reading skills & other various intervention activities to improve pupil’s learning abilities.

There is a policy for Additional Learning Needs which is currently being updated in line with the new ALN reform act. The school’s Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs Vicky Griffiths, Sian Lear is the school’s Inclusion and Wellbeing support assistant and the governor with responsibility for ALN is Mr Peter Oeppen.

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