Ysgol Hafan y Môr

Welcome to Ysgol Hafan y Môr

Mission Statement

(Focus on today)

To create a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where all members of the school community can gain confidence and develop their full potential.

Mission Statement

(Focus on the future)

At Ysgol Hafan y Môr, we seek to create a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment and teaching that provides for the spiritual, moral, mental and physical needs of every child, by promoting high expectations throughout the school. We aim to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to develop their full potential and flourish within the culture of a loving, digital and supportive Welsh-medium school.

General Objectives

To ensure that our learners are ambitious, able who are ready to learn throughout their lives; (‘Successful Future’)

To ensure that our learner is enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play their full part in their life and work; (‘Successful Future’)

To ensure our pupils are ethical, informed and ready to be citizens of Wales and the World; (‘Successful Future’)

To make our learner healthy, confident individuals who are ready to live a life and realize their aspirations as valuable members of society; (‘Successful Future’)

To offer a Welsh-medium education that will enable each child to achieve equal proficiency in Welsh and English by the end of KS2;

To ensure everyone works to enable each child to achieve their full potential in the Basic Skills, Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and thinking skills;

To enable each individual to become confident and independent in their learning;

To encourage the children to show consideration and respect towards property and others;

To encourage the children to show pride in their work and behavior and to seek excellence according to their talent and maturity;

To develop Welsh as a medium language (educationally and socially);

To enable each child to develop their own cultural identity and at the same time promote and respect their understanding of other cultures;

Have a close open environment that includes parents, the community and all our stakeholders.