We have also recently launched our Fairtrade uniform details of which are in the above frame.  Prices compare favourably with both alternative suppliers.

The school has an official uniform. The wearing of school uniform ensures an acceptable standard of dress, helps preserve the good name of the school, minimises social distraction and avoids the kind of expensive or extreme competition in appearance that can arise between pupils. Above all, it helps to establish and maintain the identity of the school and pride in that identity. Appearance must always be neat and tidy and appropriate for school. Extreme hairstyles such as shaven heads or hair colours outside those regarded as natural are not acceptable. All uniform must be marked clearly with pupils' name.  It is crucial that parents support the school in enforcing the school uniform.

It is possible to order the school uniform from ‘Tees R Us’ shop in Tenby or


Sweatshirt      / Cardigan     

Navy with school logo

Polo shirt                                  

Jade school polo with logo

Trousers, skirt or pinafore

*Gingham navy and white dress [girls]     

We recommend grey or navy

PE kit

We recommend white t-shirt with school logo (no names) and navy shorts


  • For safety reason we recommend that all long hair should be tied back.


  • Only stud earings to be worn in the school


  • No high heels


  • All families are requested to co-operate with the school on this matter.