Physical Education


Our aim is to develop strength, control and an aesthetic appreciation in the children by encouraging them to become physically active.


A lesson of physical education is given on a weekly basis in the the school hall or, school yard / field.

The children follow units of work consisting of gymnastics, dance, swimming and games.


  • Each child is expected to change to PE kit for physical education. The school’s PE kit can be purchased from Tees R Us.  Pupils must also wear suitable trainers or pumps for the lesson.
  • For everyone’s safety no jewellery is to be worn, e.g. rings, earing and watches.
  • Parents are kindly asked to inform the school if a child cannot take part in a lesson for any medical reason.


As well as physical education lessons the school also encourages pupils to take part in various sports activities such as football, netball matches and swimming galas.

Various sporting activities will provide a basis for a healthy and active life and will teach every child how to partake in and enjoy physical activities.



We try to ensure that children from year 2 to year 6 have the opportunity to swim at least once during the academic year.