A variety of activities are undertaken by the children throughout the school year.  Children are expected to take part and to represent the school with pride.  Many activities are in association with the ‘Welsh League of Youth’ (Urdd) and, therefore, most children in the Junior class are enrolled in the movement.

Seasonal concerts are performed by the children e.g. For Senior Citizens, at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Cardiff and Llangrannog Urdd Camp

Junior pupils are given an opportunity to attend the camp on a residential basis to participate in a wide range of adventurous and outdoor activities through the Welsh language.

There is a charge for the course and parents are given the opportunity to pay weekly towards the cost. This course, as well as being educational, has proved to be an opportunity for the children to exchange experiences, learn to live independently, foster citizenship and care for others.

London Trip

Pupils in years 5 & 6 are given an opportunity to attend a residential visit to London in order to see the sights and learn facts abut the Capital city. There is a charge for the course and parents are given the opportunity to pay weekly towards the cost.

Cycling Proficiency

On an annual basis, The Pembrokeshire Road Safety Association in partnership with the school gives year 6 pupils instruction in ‘Safety on the Bicycle’ as well as arranging a quiz on Road Safety.

 Designed to Smile

A tooth brushing programme aimed at improving children’s dental health is an ongoing activity which is undertaken by all pupils at 1.00 pm following lunch. The programme is organised in a safe and effective way and supervised by staff. Each child has their own identifiable toothbrush. Parental consent is required before children can participate in this programme.

Clubs Breakfast Club

A free breakfast club is available for pupils from 8.00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. Registration is required and school rules apply during this time.

Parents not using the club are reminded that the school’s responsibility for children is assumed 15 minutes prior to the school’s official opening time.  From the point of view of safety, children not registered for breakfast club should not arrive earlier than 8.40 a.m.

 After School Club

An after school club for the primary age group is held every evening in school during term time until 5.15 p.m.  The cost of the club will be £6 per child, per day (in the first instance) however families with two or more children attending the club will be; £5 per child per day (in the first instance).  There will be a drink and snack included in the price. Angharad Davies is the Club leader. 

Dragon Sports

This is an after school sports club held on a Wednesday from 4.15p.m. Activities include rugby, football, netball and athletics. There is no charge for this club.